Javo Conventional Robot

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An universal placing and pick-up robot, suitable for virtually any operation.

Javo has a complete program concerning robots for pick-up or placing potted plants. The robots, in combination with logistic systems, offer high labour savings and can handle small and large plants and trees.

With the robot, Javo offers a solution for automatic plant handling. It is a solidly built machine with durable techniques. A smooth motion with exact controls handles the pots problem-free. Pick up as well as placing of round or square pots is problem-free because of advanced fork movement techniques.

The robot can be used for all pot sizes and in combination with Javo conveyor systems and controls the plants can be transported effortlessly from A to B. Choices on the computer menu allow for very simple pot size changes.

Length:3.100 mm
Width:2.400 mm
Height:2.040 mm
Weight:ca. 700 kg
Voltage:400Volt 50Hz 3Phase
Power:2,25 Kw
Power connection:16A, 5 pins CEE plug

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