Javo Big Bale

With the Javo Big Bale soil distributing unit, the substrate is automatically distributed in the desired quantity. The electrical driven pivot system can accommodate all standard Big Bales.

With the Javo Big Bale soil distributing unit, the handling of the substrate is worry-free and efficient.

By means of a built-in electrical driven pivot system, the Big Bale is tilted inside keeping surrounding areas clean. The Javo Big Bale unit is equipped with a fluffing mechanism which reshapes all compressed pieces back to a homogeneous substrate. Minimal structure change, volume and fluffiness are guaranteed.

The Javo Big Bale unit can be installed in several different positions. Because of the built-in pivoting system, safety is guaranteed.

This machine is also suitable for substrates like potting soil or bark, regardless of the packaging. The Big Bale unit can be loaded with a pallet jack.

The Javo Big Bale soil distributing unit is simple to install and can be moved with a fork lift.


  • Simple operation
  • High quality chains and sprockets
  • Accurate substrate distribution
  • Suitable for all standard Big Bales


  • Can be equipped as a mobile unit
  • Soil watering system
  • Soil bin enlargement
  • Soil level control for automatic distribution
Length:3.570 mm
Width:1.670 mm
Height:2.195 mm
Weight:ca. 1.350 kg
Voltage:400Volt 50Hz 3Phase
Power:2,25 Kw
Power connection:16A, 5 pins CEE plug

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Filling a large variety of pots is no problem for this potting machine, without needing to make adjustments. The Javo Minimax is very user-friendly and equipped with a rotating pot support for a uniform filling of each pot.

The open 1.000 litre soil bin can be supplied from three sides and is provided with a soil supply conveyor which delivers the soil to the elevator.

The elevator is operated by push-button to control the amount of soil. It is also possible to let the elevator provide continuous soil supply. The elevator transports the soil to the pots via a funnel. The unused soil falls back into the soil bin.

The two stationary and two swivel wheels make it easy to move the machine.

Suitable for:round and square pots, bags, boxes, trays
Soil bin capacity:1.000 litre
Weight:± 550 kg
Voltage:400Volt 50Hz / 220Volt 60Hz
Power connection:

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