Javo Soil Bunker – Belt type

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With the belt bunker Javo offers the solution for accurate distribution of several substrates. The capacity of the bunker goes up to 90 cubic yards and offers the solution for large quantity users.

The soil bunker has a strong soil belt 10′ wide and has 2 guide belts. The belt is driven by a strong dual RPM motor. The bunker is equipped with 2 motorized soil dividers. The completely self-supporting construction is solidly built and is delivered and installed as a complete unit.

The inside is smooth, which prevents the collection of any substrate or dirt. A gate with a safety switch prevents anyone from walking in while the machine is in operation. Equipped with a step ladder and a control panel at the input side, the bunker can be complemented with a soil belt system for horizontal as well as vertical soil movement.


  • Self-supporting construction
  • Simple and clean loading
  • Including step ladder
  • Including control panel


  • Belt systems
  • Incline elevator
Length:variable up to 12.000mm
Width:± 3.000mm
Height:± 3.000mm
Voltage:400Volt 50Hz 3~+N+PE / 220Volt 60Hz 3~+N+PE
Power connection:16A, 5 pins CEE plug

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