Javo Buffer Belt

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Buffering and sorting of potted plants and trays is easy and flawless with the Javo Buffer Belt. Each buffer belt is custom-built to match the length, width and capacity requirements of your operation. Our customers choose for the Javo Buffer Belt, because of its reliability and sustainability and the belts are suitable for several purposes.

Standard widths of 2 to 3.5 meters and lengths up to 12 meters are available, and each buffer table is equipped with a galvanized metal strip to protect the table from forklift damage.

The frame has a variable working height (700mm – 900mm) and can be easily combined with other automations.

The buffer conveyor has a high quality belt equipped with two side guides, to take care of a precise positioning of the surface. The steel frame and specially designed steel glide plate guarantee a reliable and sustainable motion.

The Javo Buffer Belt can be combined with a Javo Push Over Robot (JOR) or a Javo Take Off Robot (JAR) for further automation.

Length:standard up to 12.000 mm
Width:2.200 mm useful width
Weight:250 kg per m2 of belt surface
Voltage:400Volt 3Phase