Javo Take-Off Robot (JAR)

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Combined with a Javo Buffer Belt, this unique, patented take-off system easily moves round pots from the buffer belt to the take-off belt. The take-off motion has electric speed control, and is both quiet and durable.

A standardised solution to move pots and trays quickly and efficiently to a buffer conveyor.

A touch-screen menu offers both standard and customer choices for buffering and additional functions. The screen also offers updates and messages helping to reduce downtime . The ststem is user-friendly.

The Javo JOR is supplied with a flat push-over beam and adjusted for one-supply direction with a PLC program.

The fork movement has a variables electronic speed control. The Robot uses a minimum of compressed air and is quiet.

Capacity:max. 250 strokes per hour
Length:2.200 mm
Voltage:400Volt 3Phase
Power:1 Kw