The Javo PITA is the best labour saving solution for placing empty pots into trays.

Javo has two varieties of pot-in-tray lines. Depending on the tray, a choice can be made for a completely integrated line in which tray dispensing and pot dispensing are combined in one unit. The PITA Multi.

For other trays, Javo have designed a very effective de-stacker. The Excellent tray dispenser has proven to be capable of dispensing virtually any tray and, in combination with a pot-in-tray dispenser, a complete line can be arranged.

Whereas the PITA Multi is applied for one particular tray, the Excellent tray dispenser can be adjusted so different size trays can be handled in the same line.

All modular and complete lines comply with the highest safety standards.


  • Suitable for round and square pots
  • Suitable for different trays
  • Air compressor not included
Suitable for:round and square pots
Capacity:ca. 6.000 pots per hour
Length:2.150 mm
Width:1.050 mm
Height:2.250 mm
Weight:ca. 200 kg
Voltage:400Volt 50Hz 3Phase
Power:2,5 Kw
Power connection:

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