Javo Rotofill

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The Javo Rotofill is a very reliable tray filling machine. Plug trays and multi cell trays can also be filled effortlessly.

The Javo Rotofill is specially designed to accomplish a 100% filling quality, especially when filling plug trays and multi cell trays.

Javo is the only company Worldwide that offers a machine that is able to fill trays up to 45cm wide perfectly.

The machine is equipped with a vibration mechanism under as well as above the tray. This allows for a high homogeneity of filling. By adjusting the height of the vibration unit above the tray, the exact desired compaction can be achieved. Adjustment for the width of the tray is not necessary.

The direction of the tray can be from the right or the left (factory installation). The filled trays are finished by a brush unit which is adjustable in height.

Adjustable speed: depending on the tray’s size, a capacity of up to 900 trays per hour is possible.


  • Tray movement: right or left (factory installed)
  • Side guides on conveyor belt
  • Soil bin extension to 1 cubic yard (753 ltr)
Sizes:up to 45 cm wide
Capacity:up to ± 900 trays per hour (depending on tray)
Length:3.100 mm
Width:2.400 mm
Height:2.040 mm
Weight:ca. 800 kg
Voltage:400Volt 50Hz 3Phase
Power:2,05 Kw
Power connection:16A, 5 pins CEE plug