Javo Tray Watering Tunnel

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The stainless steel Javo Watering Tunnel provides optimal moisturizing of trays or pots by means of a well-balanced spraying and conveying technique.

The Javo Watering Tunnel can be used as either a free-standing unit or integrated in a complete line. An open and maintenance free conveyor allows for recycling the water.

As soon as a tray or pot enters the watering tunnel, water is applied by 5 adjustable spray booms. The spray booms have individual valves which are controlled by an electronic valve.

Under the conveyor is a stainless steel bin with an overflow. This bin accumulates the washed away soil.

The water tunnel can be used with a variety of spray heads in order to achieve the most accurate level of moisture.

Length:1.800 mm
Width:400 mm
Height:min. 700 mm, max. 1.050 mm

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