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Ask us anything Frequently Asked Questions


Have you a short-term production shortage? Can’t justify buying a machine for a few weeks use a year? Want to be sure before you make that big decision?

1. My Machine was working but now it’s stopped.

Ans: Check the obvious – is it still plugged in? Do you have power to the machine? Check all the stops and e-stops – do any need resetting (either by pulling them out or twisting them)
Make sure nothing is jammed in the machine. If there is nothing obvious, then give us a call.

2. I think our motor is overheating.

Ans: Switch the machine off to allow the motor to cool. Then check to make sure nothing is jammed in soil conveyor. We have extracted pots, brushes, pieces of metal, and spanners. Although the strangest thing to stop a motor working properly has been a locust!

3. What can I do to keep my machine in good shape?

Ans: We recommend the following steps:
A. Look at your manual for the specific guidance for your machine. If in doubt we can supply you with copy manuals for older and new machines – just ask
B. Regularly empty the machine and lubricate the moving parts – for big bale chains we use pro lube chain lubricant. Spray it on the chains and then run the machine empty for 15 minutes.
C. Never leave the machine full of compost for a prolonged period – compost tends to stay damp and damage the mechanisms
D. Keep motor/gearboxes topped up with oil

4. Can I get technical diagrams for my Javo machine?

Ans: Yes sign up for Javo net here– you can access parts diagrams, manuals, technical diagrams and trouble shooting. If you can’t find something then just ask – we have quite a collection of old parts diagrams and manuals and can usually match you to the new part number.

5. Can I get finance for my machine?

Ans: Yes – we work in partnership with Fargro to offer finance solutions to our customers. Just ask and we can put you in touch with them.

6. Do you part exchange machines?

Ans: Yes. We would need to assess your old machine and value it to reach an agreement with you – for preliminary advice you can send us some pictures and the age and serial number of your machine to our office Whatsapp 07399 473635.

7. Do you offer service?

Ans: Yes – we recommend you service your machine on an annual basis

8. How long can I hire a machine for?

Ans: As long as you need! Some customers book a regular annual slot of a few weeks, others hire and then buy, while others hire to cover a short-term change in demand or manage a specific pot size or tray.

9. Do you have second-hand parts?

Ans: Yes we do keep a limited stock of “just in case” parts. It’s often the case that the better option is to install new parts but there can be occasions when parts are unavailable new, or have too long a lead time in which case we offer you second hand parts to keep you up and running.


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