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Hortec with their wide experience will provide you with the right solution.

Potting – Tray Automation – Substrate Handling – Transport Systems – Robots

Javo UK Agents

The market leaders Javo have wide ranging experience in the design and fabrication of quality potting machines and other types of automation for the greenhouse and nursery industry worldwide.

Their reputation for quality and supply is second to none and is why Hortec is proud to offer their products.


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Trimming Machines


EazyCut product range:

Handheld trimming machines with unparalleled trimming quality, efficiency and ergonomics with the added advantage of an integrated collection system for most models. EazyCut is not only the trimming specialist for landscapers & nurseries, but also the perfect solution for salad and herb harvesting



Venti range:

Vacuum trimmers, Venti’s unique combination of variable suction from above, variable directed air flow from below, variable scissor speed and variable throughput allows for tremendous flexibility – great for young plants and mature plants.

Ball/Cone Trimmers – single and multi-station options

Form Trimmers- single and multi-station options

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