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Feature Overview

  • Wide-cut trimming system (120cm & 160cm wide) with an integrated blowing system for collecting trimmings

  • Un-matched trimming quality, self-sharpening knives

  • Low weight of 13-14kg.

  • Powerful & reliable 2-stroke 41cc engine (Zenoah-Komatsu)

  • Easy maintenance

  • Affordable price

  • Optimal solution for plant/flower trimming/harvesting

  • Handheld for ⅔ persons, or frame integrated (1 person control)

Suitable for

  • Handheld

  • Mobile floor

  • Mobile table

  • Stationary table trimmers

  • Trimming systems for nurseries

  • Trimming systems for young plants

  • Collection of cuttings for propagation

  • Herb harvesting solutions



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Technical specification / manual

Coming soon


Motor Type:
Zenoah – Komatsu
Cubic Capacity:
41 CC
Blade type:
Hardened steel, self sharpening
Tooth pitch:
30 mm
Cutting length:
1210 mm (EC1200) or 1610mm (EC1600)
Total length:
1500 mm (EC1200) or 1900 mm (EC1600)
Dry weight:
Dry weight: 13 kg (EC1200) or 14kg (EC1600)


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