Dry CRF Applicator

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Handheld or for Automated Plant Production

Potting Machine

Remote triggering with reliable Infra-Red sensor or Mechanical lever systems.

Accurate Dosing with fast and easy adjustability, far superior to many OEM’s equipment.

Versatile – can be used as a Hand-Held applicator with optional storage tube.

Moving Conveyor

Fast application of pots on moving conveyor, before or after watering stations for preferred results.

Excellent pot coverage maximises the effective use of fertiliser and herbicide granules.

Reduces material usage and wastage and minimises operating costs.

Hand-Held Top-Dressing

Light-touch, electronic trigger. No mechanical levers.

1. Completely natural position and freedom of movement
2. Straight back, relaxed posture and no bending
3. Delivery tube lengths for all workers and heights
4. Dynamic reach
5. Rotational freedom
6. Light and flexible

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