Javo Minimax

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Filling a large variety of pots is no problem for this potting machine, without needing to make adjustments. The Javo Minimax is very user-friendly and equipped with a rotating pot support for a uniform filling of each pot.

The open 1.000 litre soil bin can be supplied from three sides and is provided with a soil supply conveyor which delivers the soil to the elevator.

The elevator is operated by push-button to control the amount of soil. It is also possible to let the elevator provide continuous soil supply. The elevator transports the soil to the pots via a funnel. The unused soil falls back into the soil bin.

The two stationary and two swivel wheels make it easy to move the machine.

Suitable for:round and square pots, bags, boxes, trays
Soil bin capacity:1.000 litre
Weight:± 550 kg
Voltage:400Volt 50Hz / 220Volt 60Hz
Power connection:16A, 5 pins CEE plug

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