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Routine Maintenance – Help Prevent Breakdowns!

All of the machines we sell have moving parts and usually come into contact with a lot of soil. This means they can quickly become compacted with soil. The build-up of soil often puts pressure on the moving parts, and as a result, can cause catastrophic failure.

While we can usually fix machines, it can come at a high cost due to labour and parts.

If we identify any issues with a machine service, we will of course let you know but the best practice recommended by our service Engineer Dan is:

1. Make time to Clean your machine out frequently – if you can’t do it daily then set a weekly and monthly maintenance time

2. If your machine is struggling stop and investigate – is something compacted? Has a pot got stuck?

3. Check your manual for tips and advice and contact us if we can help

These quick tips should help reduce the chance of any serious issues arising.

Hortec provides new and second hand machines, service, parts, and hire machines to grower’s right across the UK.