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Winter Maintenance


If your machine is ever out of use, and especially overwinter, it is really important to undertake some simple maintenance. Take a look at our winter maintenance tips below.

This will help when you start the machine up for potting again!

  1. Find your manual! This week Dan found someone’s manual in a puddle!
  2. Lost your manual? If you can’t find it send us a Whatsapp to 07399 473635 with your Machine Name and Serial Number (usually on your electrical panel) and we will get a copy to you.
  3. Read your manual! This gives all the Health and Safety steps you need and lots of helpful advice on routine and preventive maintenance specific to your machine.
    • There are various panels which can be removed to help you maintain your machine and access any compacted materials.
    • Make sure your machine is unplugged before you start.
  4. Clean out any compost. Compost retains moisture in the machines parts which can cause parts to seize when they are left unused for a while. It can also become compacted over time.
    • Try and use a plastic shovel so you don’t scrape the metal work on your machine. We use an industrial hoover to clean our hire machines and an airline to get into the hard-to-reach places.
  5. Check for any blockages or debris that might be caught in the machine – pots, rocks, plastic and bits of wood are all common culprits for jams.
  6. Spray your chains with a good quality chain lubricant. We use Pro Lube Chain Lubricant. Run the machine empty for 10-15 minutes once you’ve done this.
  7. Grease any bearings
  8. Check oil levels on your gearboxes
  9. Clear dust out of the electrical panel and motors
  10. Check your E-Stops. It’s a good time to check safety stops are working correctly by testing them on an empty machine

If you need any more advice, service or parts then get in touch – CONTACT US

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