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Machine Maintenance

We’ve said this before but it warrants repeating, especially as this is our busiest time of year for breakdowns.

Our engineers often arrive at machines that have not been well cared for. We understand that your main priority is potting and growing plants, but taking a small amount of time daily, weekly and monthly to routinely clean your machines can make you much more efficient in the long term. You might even spot a potential problem before it becomes catastrophic and causes much more significant downtime and expense.

Some machines are worked hard and that’s what they are designed to do – but a bit like your car they still need some TLC to keep them running optimally.

Damp soil left in machines does not do them any favours. If you can time your production to avoid leaving soil in machines for a prolonged period then do so. Whatever you do, don’t leave soil in your machine when your potting season has finished.

Have you looked at your manual lately? It will give tips and advice specific to your machine. If you need a copy manual then get in touch and we will get one to you.

Do you have a stock of maintenance supplies? Chain Lube, grease and gear oil? We can supply or recommend the appropriate type for your machine.

If you need any support or parts you can send a picture of your machine and the parts needed (serial number and year of manufacture are always useful!) to our Office Whatsapp – 07399 473635

Hortec provides new and second hand machines, service, parts, and hire machines to grower’s right across the UK.